Doug Christiansen @USHLPlayerDev, the Director of Recruitment for the USHL sat down with The Scouting News for an all-encompassing interview in which he discussed the following topics of importance: (1) Major changes the USHL has made over the past 20 years, (2) Contributing factors for why the league is growing, (3) The quarter of a billion dollars of investment into the league, (4) the CBA, cap, new entry level deals and how it is helping college players win jobs, (5) NHL draft day for 2017, and how USHL imports are expected to make major headway, (6) A detailed explanation on how drafts, protected lists, Phase I, Phase II, affiliate lists and the free agent process works, (7) The leagues targeted recruitment of high-end players from all over the globe, (8) League combines, and how they assist players in gaining the exposure and information, (9) new Canadian import rules, (9) European goalie rules, (10) the depth of the USA Hockey system and (11) Torey Krug @ ToreyKrug (Boston Bruins) graduation from college and how much that means to all the owners, coaches, managers, scouts, players, billets, fans and employees of the USHL family.

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