NTDP D-Review!

3876 words – Detailed scouting analysis thoughts on defenders that will be reporting soon to the USA NTDP final 40 camp in Ann Arbor – players covered include Ty Murchison @murch76, Roman Schmidt @romanschmidt27, Ty Gallagher @tgallagher_6, Aidan Hreschuk @aidan_hershey, Carter Schade @c.schade37, Drew Tsakounis @tsakounis9, Ethan Straky @estrak09, Dylan Gratton @gratton.28, Henry Nelson @henrynelson12, Jack Peart@jpeart24, Luke Hughes @lhughes_06, Luke Mittelstadt@lmittelstadt16, Ryan Ufko @rufko3, Sean Behrens @seanbehrens89, Tyler DesRocher @tyler_desrochers, Jacob Martin @jake_martin2 and Landon Cato …

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