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POE U16 Report!

4000 word report: Complete Review of the Manitoba U16 POE camp is now posted in our members area (top 40 rankings for the province will be posted Sunday). Players featured include Muir, Svenson, Fedyck, McCarthy, Moffatt Gottfried, Lambos, McCartney, Fawkes, Liwiski, Shindle, Hooker, Ladyman, Belluk, Bettens, Greyeyes, Szun, Clark, Vitelli, Cattani, Johnson, Robins, Nychuk, Kochen, Jaquet, Thompson, Cockburn, McGowan, Cobb, Crudely, Mistelbacher, Smith, Lawson, Sartor, Masse, Calder, Halliday, Friesen, Tetreault and Wilton.


Number one ranked 2016 WHL draft candidate Peyton Krebs (5'11, 165, Rockey Mountain Raiders, 2002) exclusive interview is now online at The Scouting News. Discussion points included: (1) his injury rehab from a broken wrist, (2) how Steve Hanson, Dakota - Drew Krebs, Robin Bowers, Mike Evans and Mikey Kluner made him the player he is today, (3) thoughts on the Western Canadian Championships, (4) his best assets as a player (strengths and weaknesses), (5) summer off-ice program, (6) how he managed to cope with all the extra attention in his draft year, (7) what he learned from the adversity of his older brothers career and (8) his thoughts on elite 2001's in the Western Canada region like Byram @BowenByram, Gauthier, Van Impe @Van_Impe21, Mutala sashamutala, Rizzo and Williams @willie142001

Ty Thorpe
Just as he was heading out to catch a plane to Slovakia for a major 2002 tournament, The Scouting News radio-tracked down highly ranked class of 2017 WHL prospect Ty Thorpe (@carriethorpe1, Brandon AAA Wheat Kings, 5’8, 140) for an exclusive interview! Key points we discussed: (1) his trip overseas to Europe. (2) News about his commitment to the RHA Nationals (Winnipeg) next season. (3) His thoughts on what he needs to do over the summer to put himself in line as a prime time prospect for the WHL bantam draft. (4) Thoughts on rising Manitoba 2002 talents of note like Jake Poole, Seth Jarvis, Anthony Kehrer, Logan Danis, Daemon Hunt and Dante Giannuzzi (all expected to be high WHL draft picks next year).
All American
All-American Prospect President Drew Bennett @AAProspect joined The Scouting News for an exclusive interview to give us a sneak peak at a few prospects who will be in hot demand on the NCAA D1 recruiting trail this summer (Jake Waterman, Tucker Hartmann, Matt Beniers, Nolan Hayes, Drew Commesso, Stephen Halliday, Aidan Cobb, Christian Jimenez, Wyatt Schingoethe (@schingoethe), Ryan Kirwin (@ryankirwan), Ty Smilanic and Patrick Schmiedlin.

We’re spending a tremendous amount of time and resources developing a North American top prospect list for the 2003 age group, and we’ve literally been amazed at how much top 25 support @CarsonLadi91 Carson Latimer (2003, Semiahmoo Ravens, B.C Lightning, 5’4", 110 pounds) has been receiving from experts in the age group, who are all telling us he’s a player who has the potential to be a Canadian Hockey League "lottery draft selection" if he continues his current upwards trend!

Cole Perfetti
Every NHL agency has been calling high end 2002 DOB prospect Cole Perfetti @coleperfetti91 (2002, Whitby Wildcats Minor Midget AAA, 5'6", 130) for a while now, and its no surprise whatsoever, after all, Cole is one of the top players in the country for his age group and plays a uniquely smart, intelligent and mature game with a ton of pace (and is years ahead of others in the developmental process).
Robby Griffin
Robby Griffin @RobbyGriffin10 (Boston Junior Bruins U16, 5'11, 155 pounds) is one of the best skaters in a 2001 group of talent that features a lot of high end burners (he has explosive speed, innate edges, gives rival defenders fits with his tight turns and pivots), so don’t be surprised when a lot of QMJHL teams offer Robby a first round draft slot next year, in spite of the fact he’s just recently committed to play hockey at the Northeastern University.

Miner @trent_miner (2001, Brandon Bantam AAA Wheat Kings, 6'1", 172 pounds) is a pressure goalie who delivers when it matters the most (in the crunch when his team needs a big save), and we think the WHL team that selects Trent will be getting themselves a potential franchise puck stopper … (this insiders report on Trent Miner is 1037 words … to continue reading please purchase a subscription to The Scouting News directly below).

Antonio Stranges

Top end 2002 prospect Antonio Stranges (2002, Little Caesars 01 AAA, 5'8", 140) attacks like a cobra in the offensive zone and he's not afraid to take on the biggest and the strongest of defenders in one on one situations and scenarios (this kid will be a HIGH OHL draft pick in 2018, and get SERIOUS attention from the USA NTDP team).

Ty Emberson
(572 words) - We’ve always been major proponents of Emberson (2000, Team Wisconsin U16, LD) because he’s an engaged player who can play in all three zones and dominates in a wide variety of ways, so we weren’t really surprised to hear chit chat lately from hockey people, that Ty is on the right path to making himself a name on the early NHL draft ranking charts for 2018.
Ethan Bowen

(625 words) - If the WHL draft was held today Ethan Bowen would be a top ten pick in the estimation of our British Columbia eye in the sky, who states what scouts like the most about Bowen' style this season is he drives the offensive momentum pretty much without fail every game, and is as consistent as they come!

Jacob Pivonka

EXCLUSIVE ONE ON ONE INTERVIEW: One of our Illinois-based scouts has provided us with fifteen reasons why he believes Pivonka (2000, 6'0, 185, Mission U16, @jake_pivonka20) will be one day a first round NHL draft selection (plus, an exclusive one on one interview with one of the games biggest rising stars).

John Farinacci
If the USA NTDP was selecting the roster for their final 40 camp for the 2001 date of birth right today, there is no doubt two-way offensive producer John Farinacci (2001, NJ Colonials 01 AAA Bantam Major, 5’10, 160, @Farinacci87J) would be one of the first players approached, scouted, recruited and invited in our opinion!
Mattias Samuelsson
(2103 words) - It’s a bit early to make NHL draft predictions for the USA 2000 age group, however, we will go out on a limb today and predict for the record that Samuelsson (@M__Samuelsson, 2000, Northwood school, 6'3, 205) will be a NHL first rounder. We’ve featured a lot of top NHL defenders on this site over the years long before they were household names, and there is no doubt Mattias is equal to many of them in important evaluation aspects like size, work ethic, passion, genetics, intelligence, skill-sets, durability and propensity for power comparatively speaking at the same age.
BC Bound!

One of our top scouts in the New England area says Boston College recruit Knight (2001, MidFairfield Rangers, 6’5”, 180) is as athletic and talented as they come (and has surprisingly good natural movement and speed), so we asked this insider whether or not he’d select Spencer as an underage player for 2016 NTDP U17 program a year early given the advanced nature of his game!


Sasha Mutala (2001 BWC Bruins bantam AAA, 6’0”, 175 pounds) will hold the puck until the seam has opened up to his liking on the first wave, and like all great players he has that unique ability to hold his position if he doesn’t like his play options, buy time, find the second wave or smartly improvise when the play is closing in all around him! And, that in our opinion of our Vancouver based scout is what separates Sasha from the pack (and makes him into a top five WHL draft candidate, and future NHL draft selection)!

Ty Emberson

Emberson (2000, Team Wisconsin U16, Eau Claire Memorial High School, 6'0”, 190 pounds) has always been a top defenseman in the USA hockey system, however, this summer Ty literally exploded off the charts and put himself on the top of every college’s recruitment list on the country, and onto the first round draft projection charts of top end OHL teams!